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Irene Robbins born in Detroit, besides being a creative musician, has become a decisive element in the international jazz scenes both as a pianist and a vocalist. She began studying piano at the age of 7, born into a musical family: her father was a drummer, her mother a singer from New York, she was first on stage at the age of 8 and later received a B.A. in music from Michigan State University in piano, voice and choral direction. She began her artistic career almost immediately performing in European and American jazz festivals and also in Japan. She has collaborated with very important jazz, blues, gospel, R&B, contemporary classical and Motown musicians throughout the world. She has been performing and recording since 1979 both in the USA and in Italy.
Well known for her energetic performances, she can always find a way to mix colors and find an original approach to her music. This energy is always well distributed among her numerous projects, where she connects her voice and the instruments and all the arts creating original styles.

Irene is also co-founder of I.J. Jazz (Detroit) and C.M.C. (Italy), associations which have organized jazz festivals and promoted international jazz artists.

She holds various workshops in vocal research including "Finding Your Voice" and "Voice Therapy". She is also a vocal coach in schools and festivals around the world.

She has performed with: Tony Remy, James Carter, Michael Rosen, Marcus Belgrave, Enrico Rava, Ralphe Armstrong, Marianne Hayden, Gaylynne McKinney, Francisco Mora, Lawrence Williams, Rodney Whitaker, Keiko Mcnamara, Don Mayberry, Jonathan Worrell, Fabrizio Puglisi, Flavio Boltro, Carlo Actis Dato, Claudio Lodati, Furio Di Castri, Roberto Ottaviano, Marcello Magliocchi, Giulio Capiozzo, Christian Calcagnile, and many other artists in the USA: Detroit, Chicago, New York; and in Europe: Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and throughout Italy.


ART STUDIO & I.Robbins Paralisi- CMC -1981
ART STUDIO & I.Robbins Presagio -CMC -1984
SECRET LIFE with Marcello Magliocchi - CMC - 1985
ART STUDIO & I.Robbins Pensieri -CMC -1986
ART STUDIO-The Complete CMC Sessions -SPLASC(H) CD H503/504.2 -1995
STREET NOISE with Tony Remy – The Dream of Tomorrow – DDE Records LTD–2008
ART STUDIO Rendezvous - Caligola Records- 2012
NO MADS Calvano, Actis Dato, Lodati, Robbins, Costantini
“No Mads” Jazz Tone Records 2016